Beetroot Cured Salmon

Beetroot Cured Salmon

Serves 8 as a side

You will need to begin this recipe the night before


Prep time: 10 mins plus overnight brine time

2 x tubs Yumi’s Roasted Beetroot Dip
150g caster sugar
110g fine sea salt
2 tbsp dill
60ml vodka or gin (you can also substitute water here)
800g piece sashimi-grade salmon


  1. Combine both tubs of Yumi’s Roasted Beetroot, sugar, salt, dill and vodka (or water) in a blender and blitz until smooth.
  2. Transfer the beetroot mixture to a container just big enough to fit the fillet of salmon, then place the salmon on top and press down into the mixture, turn to coat (you ideally want the salmon to be submerged in the mixture.  Refrigerate overnight.
  3. Carefully rinse the salmon fillet and use a sharp knife to thinly slice.  
  4. We served our salmon as a salad but it is also delicious on a board with caperberries, aioli, lemon, radish, baby cucumbers and red onion.